Leo Hortensius Museum Favourites

75 oil paintings are shown in a book that was published by Pandora Art Magazine . This book is still available at € 10,- (excl. mail costs). Collection details The Personal Museum Favourites Collection of master painter Leo Hortensius shows the trail of Western Art from the 15 th century until the beginning of the 20 th century. All of his 100 reconstructions are made on the best hand-prepared Belgian linen canvas, in traditional technique with a 350 years old recipe of Dutch oil paint. Great care was spent on choosing the high-quality wooden frames, often corresponding to the original ones. 83 master paintings from 60 different museums world-wide 15 oil paintings are from private collections 2 oil paintings are the artist’s own impressions Hortensius used the icons of : 30 Dutch and Belgian master painters. 15 French master painters. 9 master painters from the United Kingdom. 10 Italian master painters. 3 German master painters. 2 Spanish master painters. 1 Russian master painter. Leo Hortensius started this enormous project in 1981. Information info@leohortensius.com +31 6 53372091 2